Lego Birthday Party!

Our little one turned ‘TWO‘ this September. He has a plethora of interests ranging from cars, trucks, trains, mega blocks, basket ball and books. It was really hard for me to pick a theme for his birthday from his multitude interests.

Finally, I zeroed in on ‘Lego’ theme, because for his insatiable love for mega-blocks.

Pinterest is a gold mine for bountiful DIY resources.  I spent several months in handcrafting the lego invitation cards, envelopes, banners, favor boxes, backdrop and lego cubes, whilst juggling between my full time ‘demanding’ job, managing a toddler in his terrible-twos and home.

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DIY Lego Party Supplies – Tutorials

Successfully pulled off another themed birthday party for Baby A!

This year’s “Lego” themed birthday party was an absolute blast! I spent several months handcrafting these party supplies which included: invitation cards, envelops, banners, lego cubes, backdrop & favor boxes.

To view the ‘LEGO’ Party pictures, click here

For DIY tutorials, continue scrolling down.

  • DIY Lego Invitation Cards:

Materials used: 8.5 x 11 cardstocks, 2″ circle punch, double sided foam dots.


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The ‘Royal Prince’ Birthday Party

P & I threw a ‘Royal Prince’ birthday party on Oct 2nd, 2016 for our ONE year old son. We profusely thank Pinterest for all the inspirational decor ideas for this theme.

We spent three months of our time, efforts and dedication to create all the party supplies at home, which includes invitation cards, backdrop drapes, crafted letters, crafted cutlery, banners, favor bags, gift tags, food labels and thank you cards.

Here are all the Handmade Decor stuffs that we created for this party:

Sharing some pictures of the party decor. We received raving reviews from our guests! 🙂


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Royal Prince Theme – The Making

Our son turned ONE this September. Having done massive research on Pinterest, P & I zeroed in on “Royal Prince” theme for his First Birthday Party.

We enjoy creating stuffs. Taking inspiration from Pinterest, we spent three months of our time, energy, creativity and efforts to create these party decor supplies:

  • Invitation cards
  • Banners
  • Crafted letters
  • Background drapes
  • Gift Tags
  • Menu Labels
  • Crafted Cutlery
  • Favor Bags
  • Thank You cards

Sharing some pictures:

  • Making ‘Banners

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